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Sunday, 8 May 2016



I have long been interest into photography world.

Only two years ago i managed to buy a DSLR camera that enable me to venture deep into photography world. Actually it doesn't matter what kind of camera you but, of course you want the best you can.

My first one is Nikon D3100 which i buy secondhand and i dont know anything about the camera other than click the capture button! after i play a bit with the cam, then i realised there is a lot of flaw with the cam. but still it give me a lot of beautiful picture.

Two years after using it, it was my friend who want me to join his wedding photography business as a side income, well im a student, soooo why not?. Then he poison me to buy a new DSLR a same brand but different model which is a bit upgraded from the one i have (well it has a lot of problem already) so i buy a new secondhand which has a very low shutter count. Shutter count is important if you want to buy a secondhand DSLR as it show the life span of the camera. well you still can send it to the  service centre and change the motor but of course, the cost. I buy Nikon D90 with less than 10k shutter count, which is good, as i will take a lot of picture when the business get real.

Here i left you with some photo that i have take.

Enjoy the photo! ^_^

Syuhada the bridal

Syuhada and Shady

MilkyWay at Teluk Tempoyak, Penang

Kellie's Castle, Ipoh

Sorry i dont know its name... 
A lot more to be learn, Thanks for reading

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