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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

my only bro in USM =')


today is another sad day in my life..
to parting with your best friend..
our 3 years of undergraduate has come to end..
all i can say he kind like a brother to me..

susah senang kami bersama..
teman mencarut bersama..
maki bersama...
ketawa bersama...
susah bersama...

dengan orang lain aku bleh tahan sedih lagi..
dengan dia ni aku tak mampu tahan sebak..
i still crying when he just go down the stair..
i look at through the window just to see him go..
as he pass the road.. im crying like this will be our last meeting
i dont know why..
im just to sad..
he is my bro for this three years..

so this is the end for us..
really hope to meet again..
i will never ever forget you..
already miss u..
thanks for everything...
you are so lovable friend..
take care..
i miss you tareq.. =')

p/s : i write this while crying..


Tuesday, 2 July 2013



tadi terbaca blog seseorang...
well aku suka dia punya puisi..
so just in case ada yang suka berpuisi jugak, aku share la di sini

well bahasa dia takde la puitis sangat..
tapi memenuhi ape itu puisi jalanan
satu bentuk bahasa yang jika dibaca ada 'soul'
 aku tak pandai berpuisi..apetah lagi puitis..
tapi aku menghargai segala bentuk puisi..

andai saja ianya berjiwa
maka ia sebahagian dari jiwaku juga..
cuma geram takleh follow =.=''

Monday, 1 July 2013

Another Step To The Future


Just few hours ago i manage to present my viva for my final year project
well this mean im a step forward to the future.. time to grow up more..
time to be a 'REAL' man out there... need to tough up my mental..
need to lead my way all the way to success...

Times to apply all the knowledge learned.. times to give a fight for my future..
i hope i have the gut to face the REAL world out there..
its never easy... the challenge out there will punish for every mistake you do..
most of the zombie out there keep doing the same thing... looking for money..
is it the life that you want?